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Arizona Home Operating Costs

Monthly metro Phoenix home operating costs are very reasonable.

The monthly cost of energy for an all-electric home ranges from about $0.05/sqft for April and October up to $0.18/sqft for July & August, with an average of about $0.10/sqft … depending greatly on thermostat setting and home age – newer being more energy efficient, of course.

For a 2,000 sqft. home, this translates to a monthly average of about $200 (2000 x $0.10)
between extremes of $100 and $360. Homes with natural gas for space and water heating have somewhat lower energy costs December through February, with comparable total costs the other nine months.

Most providers charge for service initialization and may require a deposit, typically an estimate for one month of service.


Water in most parts of the metro area is really cheap. (Surprise!!)

A high monthly cost for water for a residence within the City of Phoenix would be $25, to which would be added sewer and trash pick up costs, for a typical monthly bill under $70 for all of this.

There are exceptions, such as in Anthem and the town of Paradise Valley, where the town or community is in a unique situation, but high water and municipal service costs are NOT common.

To check the current costs for your specific community of interest, call the “water” number below for the respective city on the Utilities page.

In the metro Phoenix, there are three area codes
that apply to the following general areas:
623 for the West Side
602 for the central-Phoenix core
480 for the East Side

To call between these areas is NOT a long-distance call
… just 10-digit dialing … No “1” is dialed ahead of the number.