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Water Well Certification

Despite that there are approximately 120,000 private water wells in Arizona, regarding these wells:

  • well certification is not regulated
  • anyone can conduct a well “inspection”
  • there are no standards for water quality or quantity
  • “safe and potable” has no standard that must be met

Gary Hix teaches courses pertaining to water wells at the AZ School of Real Estate & Business that are certified by the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate. He is also a Certified Professional Geologist and a Certified Well Driller & Pump Installer. In a recent article in the Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business, Gary went into some detail regarding the lack of Arizona regulations pertaining to private water wells.

The surprisingly large number of people considering the purchase of Arizona property that does not have a “city/public” water source need to consider these issues carefully … and choose carefully the “expert” that is to inspect and report on the status of wells on that property.

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